Port authority

County Port Authority of Zadar was established on September 22, 1998 for the purpose of better management and improvement of harbours and maritime activities as well as management, maintenance and utilization of local and county ports in the Zadar County.

Activities of the County Port Authority of Zadar are the following:

1. it cares for construction, maintenance, managing, protection and improvement of maritime domain represented by the area of the port,
2. it constructs and maintains port sub-construction, financed from the budget of the founder of the Port Authority,
3. it performs skilled surveillance over the construction, maintenance, managing and protection of the port area (port constructions and sub-constructions),
4. it ensures permanent and smooth-running maritime traffic, technical and technological unity and safe navigation,
5. it provides services of general interest or services for which there is no economic interest for other firms,
6. it coordinates and supervises concessionaires performing their activities inside the port area,
7. it performs other affairs defined by the Law.

Bodies of the County Port Authority of Zadar are:

Bodies of the Port Authority are the Management Board and General Manager.
The Port Authority is managed by the Management Board consisting of 5 members.
Composition, appointment and term of office of the Management Board are regulated by the Law.
The Management Board cannot, without the consent of the Zadar County Government, acquire, encumber or alienate the property or other assets nor stipulate other business arrangements, if the value of an individual job or contract exceeds the amount determined by the statute./p>

The General Manager is appointed by the Management Board based on open competition in compliance with the Law and Statute and the assistant general manager is appointed by the Management Board at the suggestion of the General Manager.

The County Port Authority currently has 4 employees who meet their daily and business tasks.
Upon entry into force of the Act on the Security of Merchant Ships and Ports Open to International Transport (Official Gazette No.48/04) additional commitments and activities incurred for all port authorities especially for all those which have ports for international transport. In our case these ports are Brbinj, Sali and Božava, and they have a person named who is responsible for protecting the security of these ports (PFSO) and fulfilment of obligations according to the international SOLAS Convention in 1974.